Dentist Scam is Disastrous

Generous Doctor

A person went to the dentist’s chamber as he chipped a slight portion of a cusp of his lower 1st molar tooth.

The victim was a medical student, so he stated that to a dentist. But how low-quality education can make a dentist misunderstand it as the 2nd molar tooth! She performed drilling and filling on the good tooth with no concern!

Later the victim went again to treat his negligibly chipped tooth in the same chamber, but this time with a little sensitivity and slight pain (actually the pain started due to drilling on the wrong tooth). This time another dentist performed but he couldn’t help him drill the natural tooth structure (by drilling he reached the dentin and removed about the whole of the cusp) and filled it with composite resin (actually he filled the area which he removed by drilling because the tooth was OK! There was no need for a filling but the culprit dentist did that to earn only some 15$!

The previous dentist was a more dangerous culprit as she eroded a lot of enamel from the good tooth which in terms caused the pain)!

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