Doctor and The Investigation (Episode- 1)

Do you know what the doctor inside the mortuary did? Let’s dive in..

Once upon a time, there was a doctor with an athletic body built. His house was near a dark creepy forest where he lived with his wife and two daughters- one named Hora and another named Kyra. His daughters were kind of creepy with long hairs up to the ankle. Their hands were unbelievably long. While in an erect posture their hands would touch the toe even without bending their spine.

One day, the doctor went for a run in the forest. Only 10 minutes had passed when he looked behind and felt that he had completely lost despite having a good familiarity with the paths. Everything in the forest was incredibly changed. Fear shrouded his existence.

While he was finding a way out, he caught sight of an age old brick built house with a big sign board, written on it- “MORTUARY”. He thought that someone could be there who could help him. Meanwhile, he heard some harsh female voices yearning for help. Suddenly he recognized that the voices were of none but Hora and Kyra.

To be continued..

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