Generous Doctor


Story Tell - October 29, 2022

Doctor and The Investigation (Chapter- 1)

Do you know what the doctor inside the mortuary did? Let’s dive in..

Once upon a time, there was a doctor with an athletic body built. Dr. Thomas, led a luxurious life in his mansion near the dark and creepy forest. He was an elite specialist in surgery and was renowned for his athleticism. Along with him was his beautiful wife and two lovely daughters- Hora and Kyra.

His daughters were kind of creepy with long hairs up to the ankle. Their hands were unbelievably long. While in an erect posture, their hands would touch the toe even without bending their spine.

The townspeople surrounding their forest were superstitious about the forest, but Thomas never paid heed to their warnings. One day, however, something strange appeared from the depths of the forest that changed Thomas’s life once and for all.

When he went to take a walk one evening, he heard strange noises coming from the depths of the forest but brushed it off as a mistake by deer passersby. When he ventured deeper, however, he found himself face-to-face with a sinister-looking figure with birdlike features hovering in the midnight sky. Immediately after he had been startled by its presence, it flew away swiftly into the darkness before any sort of conversation could be had.

Suddenly he looked behind and felt that he had completely lost despite having a good familiarity with the paths. Everything in the forest had been incredibly changed. Fear shrouded his existence.

While he was finding a way out, he caught sight of an age-old brick-built house with a big signboard, written on it- “MORTUARY”. He thought that someone could be there who could help him. Meanwhile, he heard some harsh female voices.

He shouted, “Who’s there? Don’t try to make me scared. I’m not going to get spooked anyway.”

A creepy female voice with a manly tone responded, “We need more dead bodies for post-mortem experiments. Will you be our next lucky contributor?” He listened carefully and suddenly recognized that there was some screaming amid. This gave him a strange feeling of recognition which compelled him to rush towards the mortuary.

“I must find a way to enter the mortuary”

To be continued..

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