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Story Tell - November 24, 2022

Story of a Doctor and an Old Man (Chapter 2)

The house wasn't like what he expected. There was no servants to serve him properly. There was none but one young man who's work is to keep everything clean. The doctor said to him

“… But I better check why that old man became so angry on me” | Read Previous Chapter

The house wasn’t like what he expected. There were no servants to serve him properly. There was none but one young man whose work is to keep everything clean. The doctor said to him,

“Hey you! young man, what’s your name?”

“My name is Roik, I’m the one to serve you. You can call me by my name anytime if you need anything”

“For now just prepare some food for me. I’m too much hungry. And yes, please do hurry”

“Okay no worries, it will be prepared in 10 minutes. Please be patient”

He prepared food for the doctor. while eating, he asked Roik if he had known anything about an old man staying in the woods.

“Whatever I know so far is, he had a son, I mean I don’t know if his son is still alive or not as I never saw his son… He used to be a happy friendly man but after that painful incident… sigh!”

*he stopped eating and looked at Roik mysteriously*

“incident? What incident! tell me”

“He was a woodcutter, His name is Pairo. One day he went to cut wood with his son. But suddenly his son became infested by a group of unknown insects. He got panicked and took him to the local doctor but that doctor rejected to do treatment because Pairo had no money. He went to different doctors but all rejected him and avoided his son. The condition of his son became worse, he started to shiver, his eyes got frozen, and he couldn’t even talk. Finding no way he came back to his house with his son and started to cry. No one came to help him because they were scared of his son that it may be a dangerous disease that may get transferred to them and he is just making up stories to hide the truth”

“What happened next? His son survived? What he did do then?”

“Then no one knows what happened. From then he never talked with us. We neither saw his son nor heard about the death of his son…”

The doctor stayed in that house that night. He couldn’t sleep all night. Many questions were haunting him all night. Is Pairo’s son still alive? If so why he is hiding him? Or why he became like that… He talked to himself:

“Ahh what a painful story. The doctor and the people shouldn’t treat them like that. I’ll go there in the morning and try to talk with him…”

To Be Continued…

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