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Story Tell - March 7, 2023

Story Of A Nervous Medical Student

Once there was a medical student named Faiyu. Despite his passion for medicine, he was a very nervous and anxious person. His professors and peers noticed that he would become uneasy when it came to studying human bones. They would often see him shiver and break into a sweat when he had to work on human skeletons.


One day, his anatomy professor noticed Faiyu’s unease and approached him. “Faiyu, I have been noticing that you become very nervous when we study human bones. Is there something that is bothering you?”


Faiyu hesitated for a moment before finally confessing, “I have always been afraid of death, sir. The thought of studying human bones, which are remnants of someone who once lived and breathed, makes me extremely nervous. I just can’t help it.”


The professor smiled and patted Faiyu on the back. “Faiyu, it’s perfectly natural to have fears and anxieties. But as a medical student, you must overcome them. You are studying to become a doctor, and your patients will need you to be brave and confident.”


The professor took Faiyu under his wing and began to mentor him. He gave him extra attention during class and would stay after hours to help him study. Slowly but surely, Faiyu began to overcome his fear of human bones. He started studying harder and was amazed by the complexity and beauty of the human body.


Years went by, and Faiyu graduated with flying colors. He became a well-respected physician who was known for his empathy and care for his patients. He had come a long way from the nervous medical student who was afraid of human bones.


Faiyu’s story is a reminder that fear and anxiety are natural human emotions, but with perseverance and mentorship, we can overcome them. And sometimes, the very things that once frightened us can become our greatest passions.

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