Doctor and The Investigation (Chapter- 3)

Doctor And The Investigation

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He lunged towards the women, using the scalpel to defend himself. The women fought back fiercely, but Dr. Thomas was strong and agile. He managed to disarm them.

Suddenly, he heard a creaking sound coming from one of the tables, and he cautiously approached it. There, lying on the table, were his daughters, Hora and Kyra. Their eyes were closed, and their bodies were still. Dr. Thomas felt a wave of relief wash over him as he realized they were still alive, but he knew he had to act fast to save them.

He searched the room for a way to revive them and found a strange machine that resembled a defibrillator. Without hesitation, he picked it up and brought it over to his daughters. As he turned on the machine, it made a loud whirring noise, and a bright light shone from its surface.

Suddenly, Hora and Kyra’s eyes opened, and they gasped for air. They looked at their father with confusion and fear in their eyes. “What happened, Daddy?” Hora asked.

Dr. Thomas knew he had to get his daughters out of there, and he quickly picked them up.

As he ran towards the door with his daughters, the women shouted, “You can’t escape us, doctor. We will find you.”

The doctor managed to carry his daughters out of the mortuary and into the dark forest. He knew they were in danger, but he didn’t look back. As he stepped outside, he saw that the forest had changed again. The sky was dark, and the trees had twisted, gnarled branches that seemed to reach out and grab at him.

Dr. Thomas was determined to protect his family. He ran through the forest with Hora and Kyra in his arms, trying to find his way back to their mansion. As they ran, they could hear the sound of footsteps following them, and Dr. Thomas knew they were being pursued.

Finally, they saw the lights of their mansion in the distance, and Dr. Thomas knew they were almost home. He ran faster than he ever had before, and as they approached the front door, he felt a hand grab at his ankle.

He turned to see the sinister figure with birdlike features he had seen before. Its eyes glowed red in the darkness, and it snarled at him with razor-sharp teeth. But Dr. Thomas didn’t back down. With a fierce determination, he kicked at the figure with all his strength, and it disappeared into the shadows.

With a sigh of relief, Dr. Thomas entered his mansion with his daughters. But he knew that their nightmare was far from over. Something dark and sinister was still lurking in the forest, waiting for its next victim.

To be continued..

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