Story of a Doctor and an Old Man (Chapter 1)

Once there was an old man living in the woods. He was tall and weak but creepy.

One day a Doctor named Arklaguso Potas Fotash, went to the woods to spend his vacation. When he was nearly to the house where he was supposed to stay at night his car stopped working. So, having no other choice, he had to walk through the woods.

After walking for a long time he realized that he was completely lost. He was so hungry and thirsty. Suddenly he found a river.

Although the water wasn’t clean, He drank the water with his heart’s content. Then he decided to walk beside the river following the water flow. After a while he found an abandoned wooden house.

He started to knock on the door…

“Is Anybody hereee? Hello? Can anyone hear me? Please help! I got lost…”

Finding no hope, when he was almost crying he heard a sound,

“W-What do you want. What do you want from me!”

“Oh!!!!! There’s someone here”

with pleading eyes the doctor said,

“I’m a doctor, I came here to spend my vacation but my car stopped working and I got lost. I’m so hungry, can you please help me…”

“Get out of here! No foods! No lives! Die! Just leave me alone!!!”

“Oh sorry, but please try to understand my situation…”

By shouting more louder, the old man angrily came with an Axe and opened the door. Seeing that the doctor panicked and started to run. The old man also started to chase him by saying,

“Come here! Don’t run!!! It won’t hurt! I need food! Come to me or I’ll kill you!!!”

“If I stop running for sure you will kill me either. I better at least try to save my life!!!

*after running for a while*

“Huh, at last I survived, I never thought everything would suddenly change like this… Oh there’s something over there…”

*looking more closely, he started to cry*

“Oh man, it was a terrible day but finally… Finally… I found a way out and reached the house where I am supposed to spend the night. I’m thankful! But I better check why that old man became so angry on me…”

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